Bow Hunting Deer in Michigan

Bow hunting is a nice and awarding recreational activity. It tests your patience and skills till your breaking point. The Bow Hunting season in Michigan is on. All you need to do is grab your gear and set out in search of your reward. The season for bow hunting deer in Michigan is between 1 October 2017 and 14 November 2017. If you are strong enough to pull a 3.5-pound string with your finger and patient enough to sit quietly and aim, you will definitely be chomping that tasty meat on the opening day.
It is comparatively easy to hunt a deer with a firearm. The bow hunters are considered more wicked than the gun hunters. Bow hunting deer in Michigan has seen an outstanding increase 705% in the last few years. From the same data, it is seen that gun hunters spend average 6 days in woods per season while bow hunters spend average 13 days in woods per season. People feel adrenaline running through them while holding the incredible bow and ready to pass the patience test.
Bow hunting deer in Michigan is preferred while perching on the tree. The large arrow and vertical speed of a well-placed shot tend to expire deer quickly. A bow hunter can choose between a crossbow and vertical bow. Crossbow features marking, sights and trigger while the vertical bow can be compound or recurve. It requires some serious skills to handle a vertical bow. It is based on traditional bow style.
Avoid tight Grips
While holding a bow, it is recommended not to curl your fingers tightly around it. A tight grip will generate inescapable torque. Remember to rest your fingers loosely around the outer side of the bow. While drawing the string, try to rest the bow on the soft part of your hand between index finger and thumb.
Use necessary muscles for consistency.
The elbow of your hand drawing the bowstring should stay a little high so that back muscles become active. The arms, chest, and shoulders should be aligned in a line and try to move everything together.
Monkey bites can be prevented
A Monkey bite bruise is formed when bowstring whips against the hunter’s forearm. A hunter can wear armguard but they are considered to be used by amateurs only. If correct posture is not maintained while hunting with a bow, you will end up with an extreme pain. Monkey bite can be avoided if you do not lock your arm. If you see your elbow in the path of string, just relax and bend your arm a little.

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