Michigan Bow Hunting: The Experts Advice

Oh! October, the month when we all gather our hunting gear as the hunting season in Michigan opens for all. So will it be an Elk? An Antlerless Deer? or even a Bear? sounds exciting, definitely going to be an Adventure. However, There are many things to keep in mind before you pick up your Gear and leave to find a new trail to begin the game.As a bow hunter in Michigan there are laws, ethics and a few skills that you must know before beginning to think you will succeed out there in the wild. Naivety might just get you in trouble, or spoil the game. Reason why we have put together these tips and tricks that will help you get the best out of your hunting experience.

Knowing the regulation and laws is your key responsibility as a hunter, these laws are passed by a state to manage wildlife population, protect property rights, ensure fair chase and protect resources. Which is why you must read them thoroughly before applying for a hunting license because regardless of the equipment used or the kind of target you’ve killed, your privilege might be taken away if these laws are violated as they say ignorance of a law is never an excuse for violating it.
Different kinds of laws that a bow hunter must be aware of are Trespassing laws, Animal tagging requirements, Animal transporting requirements, Legal hunting equipment and methods.and most importantly the season dates for different kinds of Animals. All information is easy to find at your local hunting shop. you will find small booklets where all these laws are explained in depth. You can even find this information online on the official Michigan state website.
At the end of the day, it all comes down to ethics or unwritten laws. Many hunters encounter moral dilemmas after a hard day, thats where those personal ethics come into play so that you are able to help yourself to sort yourself out. Think about the consequences that may affect others and and you, while realising that there are moral decisions that explain your actions. “Is it the right time to shoot?, Am i risking the game by merely wounding it? Or should i wait for better shot?” Are some questions to run through the head before taking that prize.
As a bow hunter be aware your limitations under different circumstances and conditions –
Physical Condition – You are ought to be in good shape if you want to handle a gruelling hunt, even pack or drag a downed animal.
General Health – A Heart condition or other medical issues become a limitation when going in for an exhausting hunt. Make sure you have had your medical check ups done and are also carrying your medicines in your bag.
Weather – Extremely high or low weather might affect your health especially if you have some sort of a heart or lung problem. so make sure you are all geared up if any such incident takes place.
Elevations – You are expected to have exceptional physical condition to handle high altitudes.
It is also essential that you must know your equipment, Make sure that you have had a little practice with it before taking it out on the field. The equipment you use plays a key role in the results you get. Things to keep in mind are that it must be of the right weight and measurement that suits your style. A heavy equipment might just spoil the game and the consequences can also be fatal, forget about the kill you might end up injuring yourself. Make a practice of pre-inspecting your bow and also re-inspecting it before getting it into play at the hunting location.
Some tips that are essential for you to know as a bow hunter when you are ready with the equipment you have chosen for the big day. Best sized chainsaw to take hunting? Learned the basics about chainsaws. According to Jeff Hopkins, a known personality in the field of professional Archery says, A consistent anchor point leads to consistent shot placement. You must focus on a spot on the target and not on the bows sight which will improve your shot accuracy phenomenally While your feet spread not wider than a shoulder width–when your on stand because that is all the room you will have. Hold your bow with your arm slightly bent while letting your bow rest in your arm so that your bow doesn’t twist.
Dont be afraid to call. Remember different animals make different sounds that means when you are trying to attract an elk you are an elk. when calling a deer you are trying to sound like one. It all depends how accurate and how good you sound so dont hesitate while using your calls. The right sound at the right time might just do the trick. Knowing your distance also plays a key role in this trick.

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