What Are The Best Hunting Seasons In Michigan?


Hunting in Michigan is a common practice. You can find public hunting
forests in most parts of this US territory. Hunting seasons in Michigan vary
according to the type of prey being hunted. This is so because different birds
and animals have different characteristics or living patterns. We explore the best hunting seasons in Michigan, but first, a look at the seasons themselves gives a better understanding of the subject.


The temperatures in Michigan drop to around 320F, with water freezing into ice crystals. During this period, between December and March, most animals in the forest die because of the cold. There are also no much births of the animals during this time. The cold makes it not the best season to go out hunting.


This is the time when temperatures start to warm up, preparing for summer. Running from March to June, Spring is the time when trees start to bloom from the early rain showers. There is also no much hunting activity during this time, but most animals are born around spring.


Summer takes place from June to September in Michigan. The sun shines
the most with a few thunderstorms between the days. Again, more animal babies are born this time. The weather conditions naturally prohibit hunters from heading into the forest, thus less hunters are expected in the forests of
Michigan during this time.


This season is commonly known as Autumn and is between September and
November. This time temperatures start to cool down in preparation for winter.
Leaves from trees start to change color and fall from trees. There will still
be more food for animals in the forests this time. The season is characterized
by a number of hunters in the forests of Michigan.


From the description of the seasons above, we come to the conclusion
that Fall is the best hunting season in Michigan for various reasons. During
Fall, the animals are healthy, high in protein, as they have plenty food from
tree leaves and the grass which will still be green from the Summer rains. Most
baby animals which would have been born in Spring and Summer will now be ready to be explored. More so, during Fall, tree leaves start to lose the greener
color to yellowish and brown, which exposes animals hiding in the forest.
However, it is worth noting that hunting of birds such as Woodcock cannot be
best done in Fall because of their migratory nature. These are best hunted
between the 1st of December and the 1st of January.



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